5 Questions You Must Ask a SEO Firm

Very few people go beyond the first page of their search engine results. This is bad news for anyone whose website does not appear on that page because that means that your potential clients, customers, consumers etc will not be having even a clue about your existence. This is why business owners stress their site’s visibility so much. However, doing this on your own can be difficult because there are certain strategies certain approaches that are to be followed to help increase your site’s visibility.

Your best bet in a situation like this is to hire an agency such as SEO Perth Experts to do your work for you and help boost your site’s visibility on search engines. With so many SEO firms out there, it can be not very clear to select one. Of course, knowing what you want always helps narrow down the options. Other than this, there are a few questions that we think you should always ask an SEO firm before finally selecting one.

1.     Ask for a list of clients that the firm has previously served

This is the number one question you should ask any SEO firm because once you contact the people who have already availed the services from that particular SEO firm, you will know exactly what this SEO firm is about and what they claim to be.

2.     Ask them specifics about their SEO services

This should be the second question: ask them about what all SEO related tasks would they be assisting you with? Are they only going to be limiting themselves to of page and on-page tasks or do they also include technical services? Answers to such questions will help you understand just exactly how much work would be covered by the firm and how much would you have to look for from somewhere else. Ideally, always go for a firm that does all three tasks for you.

3.     Ask them about their methodologies

You are a potential client of this SEO firm, it is your right to know what all methods they are going to be using and adopting to help increase your site’s visibility. SEO experts recommend steering clear away from firms that do not go into detail about their approaches.

Question them about their link-building strategies. Getting high-quality links are crucial for your site’s visibility, but not every SEO firm can help you get high-quality links.

4.     Inquire about their success rate

If any SEO firm tells you that they guarantee that your website will not just appear on the first page but on the very top of the first page, stay away from such firms. Such exaggerated claims are usually false and you are better off without them.

5.     How do they charge for their services?

Asking about the charges and the payment options available is also an important question and for a lot of people, is often the deciding question. Depending on your budget, your needs, and how satisfied you are with the answers you receive, you can decide.