How a Healthy Appearance Can Advance Your Career

It’s a well-known fact that psychologically speaking, people feel better when they are surrounded by a beautiful setting and in business, this includes the appearance of employees. Management in business usually understands this, which is why employees are chosen partly by their looks, especially for those positions that have to do with the public. Employees that want to make the most of their business opportunities often choose a Botox to give them a youthful and healthy appearance.

A Botox treatment can certainly give you a more youthful and healthier look by removing facial wrinkles. Wrinkles between the eyebrows and across the forehead not only make you look older than you are, they can make you look harassed and bad-tempered. This is not the image you want to project in the office.

Rather, you want to look stress free and in control, to project the image of a person at ease in their job; someone who copes well with whatever they have to handle. In this way you will give the impression of being in control while ensuring that there is no bad tempered look on your face, which can easily turn people away from dealing with you.

Start with the basics

A healthy appearance starts with a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and the ability to deal with home stressors as well. All these things need to be balanced so you can arrive at work feeling fresh and eager to get onto that new project. In fact, looking healthy can be a simple matter of changing a few habits and even choosing the right colours to wear so your skin doesn’t look sallow. Not everyone can wear lilac or yellow against their face without it giving their skin a sallow look.

If you choose to have Botox, it’s important not to have too much at first, as it can affect the ability of your face to form expressions. An expressive face is one that not only looks more youthful, but attracts people to you. In some jobs it is essential to show empathy and have a caring expression. For instance, if you work as a nurse or at a funeral parlour, having an expressionless face would certainly turn people off. They might think you couldn’t care less about their problems.

Looking healthy and full of energy and vigour is something that will improve your overall appearance and this can advance your career in many different ways. People who look healthy usually look younger than they are.  Looking healthy tells your boss that you can cope well with work and the company won’t have to pay out much sick leave for you in the future. It tells them they can rely on you to be there and do the work required.