5 Common Mistakes in Web Design That Drive Visitors Away

Website owners do their best to attract, hold and retain the interest of their users. They promote their webpage on various social media platforms, invest in web design and hire the best professionals to generate optimum results. However, more often than not, the website fails to capture enough attention.  In most of the cases, this is due to a simple mistake on the web designer’s part.

Mistakes that seem very small on the surface can significantly impact the appeal of a website. Usually, the fault is so subtle that it is hard to even pinpoint. However, it can drive hundreds of visitors away every day. So, what are some of these understated errors that are doing so much harm? Let’s check them out!

1.     Broken Links on Site

This is one of the strongest reasons for why people usually leave a website. If a visitor wants to reach another page on your site but the link is broken, it can leave a very bad impression. Any bad links, hyperlinks that redirect to the same page, links that do nothing or lead to error pages can be very frustrating for the users. The best way to get rid of such errors is to constantly keep a check on your web pages. It is also important to include a ‘Contact the Webmaster’ option, in case any emergency arises. This way, users will have minimum difficulty in navigating through the pages.

2.     Obsolete Information

No matter how old your website may be, it is important to keep it regularly updated if you want a reasonable flow of traffic. There is a mass of content produced online everyday and no one will visit a site which does not have the latest information. People want to be in touch with what’s happening around them and outdated content on your site can be a huge turn off.

Therefore, it is very important to keep your site content fresh and regularly updated. Failure to maintain the site regularly can cause significant loss of credibility and respect in a prospective buyer’s mind.

3.     Unclear Navigation on Page

This is one of the biggest reasons why websites fail to retain their visitors and turn them into prospective buyers. If your website fails to provide the required information in an easy manner with a clear navigation, your target audience will immediately leave. The most essential feature a good web design possesses is clear and well-defined navigation. You can also add a navigation bar on the top and left of your website for accuracy.

4.     Lack of Consistency in Interface Design

It is very important to be creative when designing a webpage. A perfect web design is an ideal combination of technicality and arts. However, too much creativity can have a negative effect. Some web designers use various colors on one page while designing every page on their website in a unique way. The website will then end up appearing confusing and puzzling for the visitors. It is very important to use standard templates for different pages with links attached to the main page. The web design of your site should be aesthetically appealing. However, it should not be overdone.

5.     Excessive Use of Images and Videos

This is also one of the most important things to keep in mind when developing a web design. The use of images on any one page should be restricted to a low number. A few images are usually enough to attract attention, anything more than that can distract the user further.

Other than this, animations and videos should also be carefully managed. It is important to place a video only when it is required. Users usually don’t have much time and energy to put on one website, therefore it is better to give them all the information with convenience.