5 Key Digital Marketing Strategies That Help Dentistry Businesses To Expand

5 Key Digital Marketing Strategies That Help Dentistry Businesses To Expand

Whenever Joondalup dentists are marketing online, one of the problems that occur is that the budget available has been used for too many marketing channels. The budget is spread too thin, and consequently, the impact of that marketing is diminished. There is also a scattergun approach where dentists will try dozens of different marketing tactics, hoping that one will work.

This is usually a false hope, because the resources to make each digital marketing tactic work, are less than if they were focussed properly. Instead, limiting marketing channels to just a few until one works is best, plus limiting them to proven channels for dentists is also preferable. Here are the five digital marketing channels for dentists we recommend.


For most website owners, including dentists, the thought of that website appearing at the top of searches on Google is highly appealing. The difference between being #1 versus on page two is massive, and that manifests itself in the vastly greater amount of traffic that comes to the top-ranked website.

The way to improve rankings on Goolie is SEO (search engine optimisation). It is not an overnight fix, it takes time, and requires financial investment, but when it works and rankings improve for multiple search terms, it can generate a flood of visitors.

Social Media

Whilst often maligned, social media can be a highly effective digital marketing channel. Provided a social media marketing campaign is planned and implemented correctly, it can create a sound platform for generating traffic and patient loyalty.

Planning should involve identifying the target audience, and thereafter the types of content that will engage followers, In addition, consistency is required so that content is posted regularly, and comments or questions are responded to quickly.

Video Marketing

The viewing of videos online has skyrocketed in recent years, and that is why it has become a hugely effective digital marketing strategy. Incredibly, it is still extremely underused, meaning it does not normally take much to see a video appearing at the top of searched engines like Google and YouTube.

People search for videos for advice, information,  and to help make buying decisions therefore it is ideal for promoting a dental practice whereby oral health advice can be provided in videos which builds trust amongst those watching them.

Email Marketing

Ask a group of experienced digital marketers how they market their own business, and almost all of them will tell you email marketing. Email marketing has been used to build and augment more businesses online than any other channel, but the huge caveat to that is it must be used the correct way. Spamming randomly is not how it is done.

Instead, email must be used to build a relationship with subscribers by providing useful information in emails and giving advice. It means that when a promotion is sent, subscribers are more likely to open it and take action.

PPC Advertising

Pay per click advertising has been around for many years and it has been responsible for huge profits, but also huge lost advertising budgets. The latter occurs, not because PPC is flawed, but because the business owner using it did not plan or use it correctly.

The key is to start small to test keywords and ad copy and then bolster what is working and drop what is not. Once this is achieved it is a case of monitoring results and tweaking where necessary to maximise ROI from PPC.