7 Mistakes For Employment Lawyers To Avoid When Your Business Website Is Being Designed

7 Mistakes For Employment Lawyers To Avoid When Your Business Website Is Being Designed

One of the assets that can play a significant role in generating new clients for your employment lawyers business is your website. A well-designed website that is easy to navigate, offers excellent information, looks great, and converts well will see a high proportion of prospects who visit it becoming paying clients.

Conversely, if your website offers none of these and is more likely to see prospectors click away within a few seconds of them landing on it, it is going to produce nothing other than frustration. Worse than that, with people leaving your website so quickly it will damage any search engine rankings you have on Google.

Many of the problems that divorce lawyers experience with their website stem from its creation. Unfortunately, they allow several mistakes to be made within its design, and if the people employed to create that website are inexperienced, or more distressingly, have little care for how the website will perform, it is a recipe for disaster.

To help any divorce lawyers who are thinking about having a new website created or their current website redesigned, here are seven of the most common website design mistakes which must be avoided.

AutoPlay Media: There was a time when a video or audio playing as soon as someone landed on a website was common. Fast forward to now, and it can spell doom for a website. If there is one thing you take away from this post it should be NO AUTOPLAY. Today’s internet users hate it, so avoid it at all costs.

Lack Of Interesting Content: When visitors come to your website there must be something there that entices them to stay, and one of the most effective is content that grabs their attention and keeps them engaged. It can take many forms such as text, images, and videos, for example. Whichever content type you use, make it interesting.

No Consistency: Visitors to a website prefer consistent themes throughout its pages rather than randomness. Specifics include the page layouts, headers and footers, colours, fonts, and even having your business logo on each page helps.

Complicated Navigation: Each page of your website should have the means for visitors to navigate to other pages and back to the home page. This can be done by having a simple menu at the top or the side of each page. Poor navigation creates confusion and confused visitors invariably click away.

Bugs And Errors: This covers a broad array of technical matters within the design of your website. Some of the worst consequences include slow loading pages, your website not displaying correctly and error messages appearing. The cure is to ensure everything is checked before your website goes live.

No Social Proof: Social proof can take the form of reviews, testimonials and also certifications from professional bodies. These all contribute to presenting your divorce lawyers business to prospects on your website as trustworthy and one which has numerous satisfied clients who are happy to endorse your services.

Poor Calls To Action: The ultimate goal of your website is to get the prospects landing on it to move towards becoming a client. That can only happen if they take the next step which is what the calls to action encourage them to do. These need to be clear, concise, and unambiguous so prospects know exactly what to do, whether that be a telephone call, or completion of an enquiry form, for example.