3 Web Design Trends for 2018

Web Design

Whether you’re experienced or a complete beginner in web design, a good looking website is a crucial element of the online presence of many businesses. It is the one digital medium which is constantly seeing changes from one year to the next. With trends in web design shifting from one thing to another in almost a blink of an eye, it is important for businesses to keep their company’s web design up to date with the latest trends or they risk being left behind.

2017 saw many technological advancements impacting the digital realm and with more and more traffic moving to mobile devices, it is only logical to point out that web design is now going to be more focused on making websites mobile friendly. Here are some of the most notable changes in the trends for web design that will be important in 2018.

  1. Vibrant Color Themes

One thing that is for sure going to be important 18 years into the new millennium is the excessive use of vibrant colors in the online realm. In the past, technology had not advanced enough or was not very accessible to everybody so web design was limited to making use of color schemes that would be easier to handle for devices across the board. That will no longer be the case in 2018.

Screens on mobile devices and PCs alike are now much better equipped to handle high resolutions and richer color schemes. Businesses looking to make a strong impact in the online realm using their web design will definitely be using more clashing, saturated and vibrant colors to keep themselves ahead of their competitors.

  1. Mobile Friendly Layouts

2017 saw internet access from mobile devices overtake desktop computers. Keeping in line with that significant change in the way the internet is accessed by people all over the world, there is a need to adopt a mobile first strategy to web design.

This is not to say that mobile friendly web design means drastically reducing the high quality layouts. On the contrary, mobile devices are now sporting much better screens with higher resolutions and fast processors. The only minimization needed is just to make the layout easier to navigate on the smaller screen.

  1. Typography

When it comes to crucial elements of web design, typography has always been and probably always will be right up there on the top. Through the right typography, businesses are able to convey so much about their brand through their websites.

With better advancing technology giving us better screens to access the content on the internet, the visuals have also seen a marked improvement. This also impacts the typography for web design as well. 2018 will see an increase in the use of custom fonts that are big and bold to create a visual that has a strong impression on the visitors.

Bottom Line

2018 is definitely gearing up to be a year of more vibrant colors, bolder and more adventurous web design. Let’s see what the most successful businesses and their web designers come up with in light of these up and coming trends of this year.