4 Key Elements To Promoting Fire Safety Within Your Business Premises

4 Key Elements To Promoting Fire Safety Within Your Business Premises

Whether you are an employer or a senior person in an organisation, you have a high level of responsibility in ensuring that fire safety is given priority within your building, and one of the best ways to discharge that responsibility is by employing a fire services company, to design, install, inspect, service and maintain your fire safety equipment. By doing so you can be satisfied that fire protection and safety within your building, and for those who work or visit there, is maximised.

However, although we mentioned that you may have a high level of responsibility, that does not mean to say that no one else in your company or organization has none. In fact, it is the case that every individual has a degree of responsibility, not only for their own safety but also for the well-being of others. In the context of fire safety, there is much you can do to promote this, and it is not that difficult to do.

Here are 4 ways in which you can promote fire safety to individuals that work for you, or with whom you work, so that they have a greater awareness of it, with the hope that they can contribute to helping to prevent fires, and to taking safe and appropriate action should one occur.

Have Documented Fire Prevention/Emergency Plans

Whilst fire safety regulations differ from state to state and from country to country, one constant throughout is that businesses and organisations should have some form of written fire safety plan. This does not have to run to hundreds of pages, and the simpler it is the better so that any employee reading it can understand it. It should include such details as fire hazards, control of flammable materials, evacuation plans, and those who are designated specific fire safety responsibilities.

Train And Inform Everyone

If you employ someone, regardless of what capacity that is in, on the first day that they enter the building, they should be trained on the fire prevention and safety protocols that exist within that building.  This should be done based on what is included in your fire prevention plan, and should any changes occur which means a change in that plan, everyone should be informed of these and where necessary receive the relevant training, which should be documented.

Perform Regular Fire Drills

Whilst some irresponsible employers regard fire drills as an interruption that costs money, imagine the cost if lives are lost because the people inside a building did not know the escape routes or where the fire extinguishers were located. Regular fire drills not only help to ensure that everyone knows what actions to take if there is a fire, and as such, could save their lives, it reassures you that they know too, which is surely a position all responsible employers would want to be in.

Promote Fire Safety Awareness

We have already mentioned the individual responsibility that people have, and you can take that to another level by promoting your employees being more aware of the fire risks that might occur and encouraging them to point any out which may not have been previously addressed. Get rid of  ‘someone else’s problem’ mentality, if any exists within your workforce, and turn it so that individuals are proactive with regards to all safety matters, especially if they relate to fire.