7 Tips to Help You Stay On Top of Your SEO Game

For a field that is constantly evolving, keeping up with all the new trends and updates in SEO marketing can be a little difficult. In this post, we bring you 7 things that no matter what year they are used in will guarantee you great results whether you are looking at your sites on-page optimisation or off-page optimisation.

1: Polish Your Keyword Selection Skills:

Keywords are not everything, effective keywords are everything. And unfortunately this is one area that most people struggle in. Looking at just the keywords that are being used by your target audience but are not leading your business to financial success will give you some pointers that would help with your page’s ranking, but that is all they are going to do. So to come up with truly effective keywords you need to selectively look at those search queries of your consumers that are bringing you financial gains.

2: Bring Out the Mobiles:

With more and more people using their smartphones to conduct their researches, going mobile with your business page is another one of the very effective SEO strategies. Make sure that your websites are mobile friendly that means they are quick to load and all the content that they contain can be viewed by smartphones.

3: Keywords: Mid-long, Long-tail or Broad?

While the debacle between whether mid-long or long-tail keywords are more appropriate for SEO is a never-ending one, Google’s algorithms like the Hummingbird has presented us with another third option: Broad keywords

Going for broad keywords helps algorithms like Hummingbird to have a more comprehensive understanding of what your content is and what context do you intend it to be in. This in turn will help with directing more traffic to a website. So if you can, avoid using mid-long and long-tail keywords and go or broad keywords instead and see how that works out for you.

4: Google Webmaster Tools:

Negative SEO can sabotage your efforts and wash away the results. To avoid this from happening, make sure that you know the basics of Google Webmaster Tools  so that whenever you find something that does not fit right, you can immediately file in a complain.

5: Keeping a Check on Statistics:

Every webpage has its own statistics and it is important that you monitor them on the regular so that if there is an error somewhere, you can probe that matter further. This is usually how many people find out that their web pages are being exploited by an outsider and they need to solve this.

6: Quality over Quantity of the Content:

This is a golden rule: if you are ever confused between what matters more, it is always the quality of the content that matters more. Even if you use all the right SEO services, you cannot expect to do well if the content on your pages is such which makes it difficult to market it.

7: Market Your Content:

One last tip that can help you with marketing your content is to look for other sites or bloggers in niches that are relevant to yours. Get in touch with them and see if you can exchange a few guest blog posts with each other.