How AdWords Can Help Startups

Starting a business is never easy, and quite honestly, one could use all the help they can get. With few options and limited budget using features like Google AdWords is among one of the most effective ways to get the kick start that we want. In fact if AdWords are utilized skillfully and strategic search campaigns are conducted then a startup can soon grab investor’s attentions, give a heads-up to the startup if they are heading in the wrong direction and help them stay up-to-date with the latest features and ideas and more importantly help them get the attention they need in order to begin on the right note.

Listed below are some of the ways in which AdWords can help a startup:

1.     Gmail Ads:

Gmail Ads are one of the most interesting and helpful tools for the startups to get the instant attention of their audiences and gain maximum exposure. Interesting thing about businesses is that we are only aiming to snatch out competitors customers. For instance everyone use mobiles, but some use Apple’s while others use Samsung’s. Now with all the marketing and advertisement Samsung is just trying to grab the customers of other mobile manufacturing companies and not looking to find a new target audience.

Now with the help of Gmail Ads, startups can reach people who are getting emails from their competitors.  With Gmail Ads, a startup can sign up for the competitor’s mailing list and then focus on their keywords; subsequently using these keywords in their own campaign.

2.     Free trials:

This is especially helpful for software startups. No one can tell or knows which software is better unless they test it. A startup for SaaS or DaaS can offer free trials to convince the audience of their efficiency. However in order to make sure that they click on your Ad, use the brand name of your competitor and showing how ypu can do better. For instance if your competitor is ICECOLA then you can use the tagline “A drink better than ICECOLA” to tempt they audience to click on your ads

3.     Keyword planner:

Selecting an effective keyword is half the battle of advertising. Good thing that AdWords Keywords Planner exist. This software can help you not only come up with keywords that are relevant to your area of business but will also accompany it with the average monthly searches, rate of completion and the suggested bids. This way the website reaches a huge exposure and increased traffic towards the startup website. Also it is very cost effective.

4.     Make full use of your AdWords account:

Best part about these technologies is that they keep on upgrading almost continuously and introducing new features. You never know which feature suits your startup needs better and help you become successful in your marketing campaign. There are features like call extensions, shopping campaigns and real-time updates can help you achieve some new benchmarks.

If your startup has yet to come aboard and the only thing stopping you is the cost; then let us assure you that when used in the right manner, these AdWords can bring you customers, allow exposures and direct a heavy traffic towards your website at an affordable cost.