SEO Content: Viral or Unique?

Quite a lot has been said about the importance of content in the world of SEO; content is king, quality over quantity, etc. Several factors are to be considered if you want to come up with posts that really do help generating more traffic. And most of these factors most of the time, if not always, aim towards making those posts go viral.

Viral content is any content, usually on social media, that is shared so much that it almost becomes an internet sensation. In today’s terms we would call such a post as a post “that broke the internet.” There is no argument that when you have a post that has gone viral (for whatever reason) it is single handedly going to make that post appear at the top of every search engine.

A digital marketing company like Slinky that provides SEO services understands that inbound links have a huge impact on the ranking of your website on a search engine. And when you have a post that goes viral, it ends up generating millions and millions of inbounds links which explains why that post has such high rankings on search engines.

Creating viral content is not easy; you need to come up with something so amazing, so spectacular that people feel almost compelled to share it. And that can take a lot of time. In most cases viral content is usually created randomly; there is no fixed formula for it.

With something that has such a shaky foundation, how wise do you think it is for companies to invest so much of their SEO money, time and energy into something that may or may not happen? This is where we have “Unique” content take control.

With such an extensive amount of content being published online each and every day, one way of increasing your chances of having your post stand out is to make it unique. So unique that it stands out amidst all the other pieces. You have more chances of creating unique SEO content than you have of creating something that goes viral.

One of the easiest steps to creating unique SEO content is to quite the habit of rewriting, paraphrasing other people’s work. Be original. And while being original is easier said than done, it is not entirely impossible either. All you need to do is to have enough information on the topic at hand and then think outside the box. Borrowing someone’s ideas, seeking inspiration from other’s works is not a bad thing, but to create unique SEO content you need to personalize it in a way that nobody else has.

Imagination and creativity are your two biggest helpers when it comes to creating unique SEO content. Look at how things are done and then think about creative alternate ways of how you would have had done things. Once you get into the habit of putting your own spin on things, you would be a certified whizz at creating unique SEO content.