The Innovation of AdWords for Smartphones

I believe it would be unfair to say that the mobile era is coming and soon it will take over everything. The truth of the matter is; it is already here.

Gone are the days when we used to wait till we got home to put in our search in the Google machine. Every year, a large number of searches are conducted on Google and more than half of them are done using a cell phone. Google verifies that a large number of web traffic is coming from tablets and Smartphones.

When millions of people use their cell phones to search and check web pages then why not marketers be given a chance succeed in the same forte? Thanks to Google now, they have brought some very interesting and innovative changes in their AdWords campaign that will help marketers think and work in the most updated way.

In the latest Google performance summit of 2016, we get to hear some really interesting news from Google and how it is reshaping and reimagining AdWords to accommodate the smart phones era.

Let’s have a look at some of these highlights:

1.     New mobile Ad formats for a number of industries:

Keeping in mind some of the most searched items on mobile, Google talked about mobile ad formats for four niches, namely: shopping, finance, travel and automotive. While this was all great and fantastic, we all had the same question in our mind – what about all the remaining industries? Google being smart, unsurprisingly confirmed that there will be mobile formats for other industries too. Text ads will be made user friendly for the mobile users so the customer’s would be able to reach an answer faster–which is the ultimate goal of Google.

So next time we turn on Google on our smart phones we can expect the contents to be rich and our searches to be fast.

2.     Expanded Text Ads:

Another change that was announced by Google was about the expansion in the Text Ads. So compared to the old one, the new format will have almost 50 percent more space for text ads and will allow the headline to be more prominent. More precisely the headline will be two with each having 30 characters in them.

3.     Redesigning of complete AdWords interface:

In the summit, Google announced that a redesigned version of the Google interface which will be more user-friendly, modernized, advertiser-centric and highly responsive is going to be introduced by the end of the 2017. Though little detail is released about the interface, yet we can be sure to expect a completely re-built and re-modernized version of the Google interface and say our farewells to the old and outdated one.

4.     Local search ads:

One of the most uses of Google on mobile includes the search for local businesses. Location and “near-me” searches are a popular among the users and hence Google has promised to be more visible on and Google Maps for the local businesses.

With these many exciting changes, Advertisers are going to have a great time in succeeding t their work. Google on ten other hands did not disappointed and proved that it can stay up-to-date and renovate according to the current search behavior.