Slip-ups that sabotaged your AdWords Campaign

We often believe our competitors to be our biggest enemies. In truth though, it is our own lack of knowledge and ignorance that often drives us to the edge of failure. To gain more traffic, high exposure and heavy leads we often get blinded by greed and fail to comprehend things with a logical reasoning.

While many of the advertisers and businesses might already have learned this the hard way, to save others from the same fate, we have listed down some of the common AdWords mistakes that have sabotaged many campaigns already and might do even more damage if this blog is not taken seriously.

Following are the slip-ups that we should avoid:

1.     Using the wrong approach with keywords:

There are so many things that could go with keywords that we cannot even blame the person making the mistake. But in order to achieve your desired goals, one must learn to do everything right.

  • It is very important to group your keywords. Throwing all the different keywords into the same ad will never show the desired results.
  • There are three categories of incorporating keywords into Ads, broad match, phrase match and exact match. All three provides a different result. Many advertisers make the AdWords mistake of using one approach while expecting the result of the other.
  • Negative keywords are actually a blessing in disguise as they help you exclude all the keywords that might not be related to your product thus helping in refining the research and driving the right customers to the landing page.

2.     Not enough cash:

Remember that AdWords are paid ads and before stepping into it, make sure that you have enough cash. If you are only able to buy 40 clicks per day but it ends by the end of the noon, then the rest of the day your webpage will not be accessible to anyone yet loosing you valuable customer time and exposure. Make sure that you have enough budgets to accommodate the campaign or else all efforts will go to waste.

3.     Didn’t pay enough attention to your website:

Many times we are so focused on one thing that we entirely forget about the others. When it comes to AdWords though, this is a mistake that we cannot afford to make. As we divert all our attention to the AdWords campaign we forget to build our web site up to the standard where the AdWords will ultimately guide the potential customers to. This is not only a waste of a good customer but unknowingly this is also a favor to the competitor’s website. As returning disappointed for your landing page they are most likely to go in search of a better one.

4.     Continuous changes:

While it’s a good practice to streamline your AdWords account and stay updated with the entire latest features, it would be a grave mistake to make so many changes so often. No matter how interesting every new feature looks, you need to give time to your page to lift off the ground and make some impressive stats before introducing something new.

Make sure that you avoid these mistakes during your campaign and we can assure that neither your efforts nor your money will go to waste