Top 3 Things You Need to Know about SEO in 2016

SEO experts and digital marketing companies come up with new strategies, tips and techniques to help people level up their online marketing and SEO game on the regular. One of the main reasons why some people complain that despite following some of the advice of these SEO experts their websites are still not doing well is that they are following outdated advice.  Re-evaluating and revising your pre loved SEO strategies is one tip that everybody should keep in their back pocket at all times.

So, what are the current SEO trends of this year? There are many and while some of these current trending SEO techniques are completely new, some of them are still in place and effective from previous years. Let us have a look at them.

1: Go Mobile:

If your website still has not boarded the Mobile Plane, it is high time you should. One Google study reports that consumers from around the world end up spending as much as much 15 hours looking up for things on the internet using their smartphones. The importance of going mobile is again reflected in the algorithm updates that we see Google immersed in. “Mobilegeddon” is an algorithm update which specifically just boosts the rankings of mobile friendly pages.

SEO experts recommend packing your desktops and laptops away and switching permanently over to the “mobile-first” approach. If you really want to find out what exactly is your target market searching for, you need to get swiping on your smartphones and tablets.

2: Building Links the 2016 Way:

Most business owners, if not all, have at least once in their lives tried submitting their links to web directories or just straight up posting them in the comment section of blogs, forums etc. SEO experts are of the opinion that link building is an absolute waste of time and may end up causing your site some serious ranking penalties. They recommended that instead of wasting time posting your links here and there, focusing on creating better, more user focused content is going to help you gather a lot of links.  Creating longer (at least 1000 words) etc are some of the key elements in your content that are going to help you accumulate a greater number of links.

3: SEO for Voice Search:

In line with the first trend mentioned in this post, as more and more people are going mobile the trend of using voice search is also increasing. We see youngsters in particular using this feature to its max and if they are using it now, they are likely to keep on using it later as well. So it makes complete sense why business owners should pay attention to using voice search to their benefit.

One way to do is to create content that uses more “conversational” language because that is the kind of language that Voice Search is used to. Using better, longer keywords is another tip as you will hardly find a user who says just one or two keywords in the voice search and hopes for the best.

These are the top 3 current SEO trends that are likely to be around for a good amount of time.