Why Employee Involvement Is Essential For A Successful Office Relocation

Many business owners believe that their removalists are the most important people with respect to their office relocation, and whilst they might be, there is another group of people who are equally essential to a successful office relocation, and they are employees.

Without the help and support of the staff who work for the business, an office relocation is going to have to overcome more hurdles than it would otherwise. That is not to say that staff are going to deliberately try to sabotage the office relocation, but by involving them and seeking their assistance, it is going to make the whole process easier and less stressful for everyone, including the owner of the business.

The first step is to be completely open with your employees that you are considering an office relocation. It might serve you better if you imply that you have not made your final decision, and that you would appreciate their thoughts and suggestions. Bear in mind, the majority of staff might actually hate their current surroundings, so the idea that they have an opportunity to move to new ones will generate an atmosphere of positivity. If the office relocation is interstae, you must inform your employees of this and be open to the fact that some employees may have a problem with this as their current lives will be uprooted, interstate removalists will also need to be involved with this decison.

In these early discussions, you might survey the staff or at least seek some of their ideas as to where and as to the type of new office they would be happy to move to. You obviously want to make it clear the final decision will be yours, after all, it is your business that will be funding any move, but the more they feel they are influencing the ultimate decision, the more they are going to be willing to help make sure it goes smoothly.

Once you have decided on your new location and selected a removalist company, you first want to speak to your removalists for any hints and tips with regards to the move. They will be able to advise on packing materials, how to pack items properly, and the procedures to follow on the day of the move.

Armed with that information you should schedule some meetings with key staff, with a view to planning the relocation day. Obviously communicate the advice given to you by the removalists, and on the basis of that, and with the help of staff, you should then map out how you and your team are going to make the relocation day a success.

Based on the individuals in your team, and what skills they have, it makes sense to allocate specific tasks to each of them. This can range from ensuring all files and documents are packed and unpacked successfully, planning the layout of the new office, and liaising with IT companies with regards to uninstalling and installing IT equipment.

One key role will be to communicate with all third parties such as current clients, suppliers, and others with regards to the new address of your business. Another is having someone on the day whose role is simply to make sure everyone is ok, and although that may involve making the tea and coffees, it guarantees it will be seen as the most important role.

Throughout the process of planning and instigating your office relocation it is essential that everyone is kept informed, that staff are reassured this is a positive step, not a backward one, and that as the business owner, you monitor staff to ensure that stress levels are not increasing due to any concerns about the move. Keep their morale high and let them see the success of this office relocation is their best interest.